Trade promotion management and optimisation

Implement an end-to-end TPM process and optimise promotion revenue, volume, and profitability

Understand the Drivers of Promotion Performance

  • Drillable dashboards to identify trends and uncover root causes of low and high promotional performance
  • Automatic identification of poorly performing customer and product combinations and specific promotional events to prompt timely actions
  • Complete visibility over customer, product and promotional P&L and the impact of trade spend on sales margins
  • Key metrics under control: promotional uplift, margin, ROI, forward buys, cannibalization



Run a Collaborative Planning Process

  • Top-down and bottom-up planning capabilities to run the definition and revision of sales plans throughout the year
  • Forecasting algorithms that take both transactional and market data into account as well as industry segment specificities, such as seasonality, product shelf-life, and promotional intensity
  • Integrated planning of sales volumes: promoted and non-promoted or base and incremental sales volume forecasts
  • Complete customer plans around key sales levers: assortments, pricing, promotional allowances, and different type of trade incentives

Keep Trade Spend Under Control

  • Commercial fact-based negotiations via customer and promotional P&L analytics
  • Comprehensive capabilities to manage the full contract life-cycle
  • Complete trade terms management: conditioned or not conditioned to sales targets; on-invoice and off-invoice; year-end-bonuses, promotional allowances, deferred discounts
  • Automated year-end cost projections and timely information over planned vs actual trade funds
  • Easy documents reconciliation system to streamline deductions management processes and reduce undue claims
  • Integration with back-office systems to ensure timely accounting of trade spend, and error-free invoicing and ordering processing



Define Optimal Promotional Programs to Maximize Revenue, Volume and Profitability

  • Complete capabilities to define retailer specific promotional programs and address different market and shopper opportunities
  • Advanced capabilities to simulate promotional events and to run different promotional plan scenarios
  • Comprehensive view of the promotional calendar together with other planned marketing and brand initiatives
  • Flexible management of different promotion mechanics and – TPR, BOGO, in-store promotions – and visibility over each single promotional initiative details: timing, products, mechanics, and estimated results

Effectively Drive Promotion Execution Through an Integrated System

  • Capabilities to push out field activities and alerts based on promotional events details and standard KPI’s
  • Ready-to-use scorecards to measure and share promotion execution results in a standard and comparable way throughout different outlets and geographies
  • Real-time assessment of the impact of retail non-compliance on sales results to support corrective actions both at the headquarter and in the field


Full description

Trade Promotion Management and Optimization

XTEL Trade Promotion Management and Optimization solution helps your organization to effectively manage a closed-loop process: from planning to execution, from analysis to optimization.

Highly Configurable and User-Centered

  • Use process-guided navigation to allocate trade funds on the most effective promotional initiatives.
  • Set up promotional tactics – TPR, BOGO, in-store promotions – in line with promotional guidelines.
  • Use workflow, alerting and control tools, all based on configurable parameters, to make the  whole TPM process faster, simpler and better controlled.
  • Draw on role-based dashboards to follow industry-specific KPI’s and apply intuitive analytic procedures to understand product, customer and trade promotion results.

Improved Visibility and Faster Time-to-Act

  • Create and maintain clear guidelines for both national and local promotional events.
  • Get a comprehensive view of the promotional calendar together with other planned marketing and brand initiatives.
  • Improve time-to-act by using alerting systems that enable different users to intervene in a timely and targeted manner at different phases of the promotional process.
  • Easily access actual product, customer and trade promotion results through built-in reports, dashboards and KPI’s.
  • Drive commercial fact-based decisions via customer and promotional P&L analytics.

Trade Promotion Volumes Forecasting

  • Predict baseline and incremental volumes by leveraging both transactional and market data.
  • Make uplift projections using indexes calculated for specific product and/or client groups and that take into account industry segment specifics such as seasonality, product shelf-life, and promotional intensity.

State-Of-The-Art Analytics, Modeling And Optimization

  • Leverage both transactional and market data – syndicated, ePOS data – to measure and predict promotional outcomes.
  • Run post-promotion analysis and understand the elements behind promotional results: baseline, uplift, cannibalization, forward buying.
  • Dig into data – from an aggregated to a detailed view – and focus on factors that determine greater (or lower) performance
  • Draw on historical data to identify similar past promotional events and their related results based on parameters such as: products, discounts, participating retail stores, and promotional tactics.
  • Predict the performance of promotional initiatives and identify the best mix of products and tactics to run different events by applying constraint-based modeling.
  • Pick promotions that deliver the best revenue, ROI or profitability outcomes within budget.
  • Access process-specific KPIs to follow up the entire promotional life-cycle.

Reduced Customer Claims and Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • Get full visibility over the compliance rate of trade promotions and promotional costs at the account level.
  • Track planned, estimated and actual spend vs. accrued funds at any moment through built-in reports.
  • Measure the impact of undue claims and deductions through available financial KPIs.
  • Cut down promotional deals settlement time with an automated reconciliation process that is integrated with backend systems.
  • Manage payments and deductions across all levels of the customer’s organization.

Full Mobility Enabled

  • Increase the productivity of mobile workers by providing them with a system that can work both online and offline and run on devices based on the most important platforms: Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

Closed Loop Process

  • The solution is integrated with the other modules of XTEL suite – sales planning, retail execution – and with demand planning systems for a closed-loop sales management.

Use post-promotion analysis, predictive modelling and optimisation tools to spot best-performing promotional initiatives in terms of revenues, volumes or profitability

  • Sales Planning
  • TPM & TPO
  • Retail Execution
  • DSD & Van Sales
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Distributor Mgmt.