Kantar Consulting and Microsoft, are pleased to invite you to our Switch on Growth at the Store – Today and Tomorrow Webinar, September 18, 3:00 PM CET


Even after years of polishing their approach and despite the availability of many different solution options, research shows that CG companies are still not happy with their ability to execute at store and market level.

CG companies must redefine their strategies and identify the right partners to be able to see their vision of success made real at the store.


During this joint Kantar Consulting, POI, and Dal Group presentation you will learn:

XXX1) What is preventing companies from successfully performing at the stores

XXX2) What is required to win at the local, regional and global levels

XXX3) How to best leverage new technologies to build competitive advantage


See Dal Group case study! Learn how the African Coca-Cola Bottler is succeeding in improving field force productivity, streamlining retail execution processes, and enhancing sales performance, through change management and process automation.


If you are focused on getting success at the store, increasing your field sales performance and delivering more with less, then this session is for you!


Please contact us to receive instruction to watch the webinar recording and to require a digital copy of the presentation.

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