Bologna, Italy, September 2017 – Kantar Retail – a global player in the automation of sales processes for the CPG industry, announces the renewal of its strategic partnership with Sodalis Group.

Sodalis Group is an Italian leader of the Beauty, Personal and Home Care CPG segments, with a turnover of more than 450 million euros. Founded over 25 years ago, the group grew rapidly and boasts an impressive brand portfolio that includes shopper’s favourites like BioNike, Tesori d’Oriente, Vidal, Lycia, Biopoint, Fresh&Clean, Wash & Go, L’Arbre Vert, Leocrema, Strep, Denim, Mantovani, Depilzero, Noxzema, Super Pop, Cristasol and Mistolin.  The companies that constitute the Group are located in Italy, France, Portugal, Spain and Russia. Also, the Group’s products reach more than 40 countries, thanks to a strong international export partner network.

Sodalis Group has been using XTEL since 2004, but in 2017 the group updated the suite to its more recent release. The objective is for more efficient and harmonious commercial processes, simplifying the IT management and improving the scalability of the solutions, thanks to the newly adopted software as a service model.

“Our Group evolved in a major and very rapid way, our product portfolio grew together with our international presence” – states Massimiliano Cirilli, IT Manager of Sodalis Group. “That is the reason why, now more than ever, we need to be equipped with innovative sales management software solutions, able to manage processes in a multichannel environment, and in an integrated and effective manner.”

Sodalis Group adopted Kantar Retail sales management suite to automate the Trade Promotion Management and Sales Force Automation processes in the modern, traditional, professional, specialized and pharmaceutical channels.

“The new release will grant us more flexibility and scalability, features that are essential to answer the current and future needs of all the markets and channels in which we operate” continues Massimiliano Cirilli.  “We decided to renew our partnership with Kantar Retail and its Trade Optimisation team because they have the right blend of sector-specific knowledge, market best practices, and advanced technology.”

Kantar Retail is delighted to announce this renewal.

“Sodalis Group wants to capitalise on the new opportunities made available by our CPG and multichannel-specialised Software-as-a-Services models” states Otello Azzali, CEO of Kantar Retail’s Trade Optimisation practice. “The Group will not only rely on the innovation we infuse in our suite at every new release, but also on the resourcefulness and experience of the Kantar Retail Trade Optimisation team.”

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