Global end-to-end sales platform will help CPG manufacturers optimize commercial processes and enhance ROI as trade promotion spending soars but measurement lags.

Boston, MA, February 29th, 2016 – Kantar Retail, the global retail and shopper specialist, is pleased to announce the launch of Kantar Retail XTEL, its global provider of end-to-end sales automation solutions for the CPG industry, into the North American market.

With more than 20 years’ experience helping manufacturers around the world, Kantar Retail XTEL helps optimize commercial processes and enhance return on trade investments.

Kantar Retail XTEL’s sales platform uses business best practices to help consumer goods companies improve their sales performance through an end-to-end suite of solutions. These solutions span key commercial processes including customer planning, sales volume planning, TPM/TPO (trade promotion management and optimization), retail execution, advanced pricing, direct store delivery, van sales and distributor management.

The launch of Kantar Retail XTEL in North America comes at a time when trade spending is growing to comprise an ever larger percentage of profit and loss for consumer goods manufacturers. Despite this, research shows a majority of companies are still not able to analyze their spend and identify the drivers of performance.

“Based on estimates, consumer goods manufacturers today spend between 15% and 20% of their sales revenues in trade promotions, making trade spend the second biggest expense in their profit and loss lines,” says Otello Azzali, Kantar Retail XTEL CEO. “Two-thirds of these promotions, however, fail to breakeven as most manufacturers struggle to understand the ROI of each promotion event.”

“Just a 10% improvement in ROI would have a significant impact on the overall profit of a company,” continued Azzali. “As we have for leading brands throughout the world, Kantar Retail XTEL can enable companies in North America to understand how to enhance that performance and transform trade promotion spend from a bottom-line drainer to a booster.”

Kantar Retail XTEL solutions help consumer goods manufacturers better understand sales results and commercial performance, simulate and forecast future sales results, access different sources of data to run analysis and drive business processes, and act on a timely basis to leverage both actual and predictable results.

“According to the latest Promotion Optimization Institute 2015 TPx Survey, only 21% of consumer goods manufacturers are satisfied with their ability to manage promotions, and only 20% are satisfied with their ability to execute at the store level,” says Suzana Dias Zincani, Kantar Retail Group Solutions Manager. “Respondents made it overwhelmingly clear that they think it is important to be able to manage the entire promotion cycle through a single application and address this disconnect between trade promotion management and retail execution that currently exists.  Kantar Retail XTEL solutions are designed to do exactly that and have been providing manufacturers around the world not just with software to manage TPM/TPO, but with best practices and a level of deep expertise that is unparalleled.”

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