Bologna, July 28th 2017 – Kantar Retail – a global player in the automation of sales processes for the CPG industry, has been cited as a vendor or two different transformational technologies in the Hype Cycle for Consumer Goods, 2017, published by Gartner and authored by Ellen S. Eichhorn and Stephen E. Smith.

The consumer goods Hype Cycle report analyses all technologies that, according to Gartner, will make substantial contributions to consumer goods company growth. The technologies are ordered along a hype curve that highlights their importance and maturity, and are categorized by their expected benefit and the years needed for their mainstream adoption, in order to identify high-priority and transformative technologies for CPG companies.

Kantar Retail is cited in the report as a vendor of both Retail Activity Optimization and Trade Promotion Optimization solutions.
Retail Activity Optimisation (RAO) technologies leverage advanced analytics to substantially improve the financial return of field sales force efforts in the consumer goods industry. Gartner estimates that this type of technology will reach the “Plateau of productivity” in 5 to 10 years.
On the other hand, Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO), defined as the processes and technologies that consumer goods (CG) manufacturers leverage to plan, manage and execute the activities of effective promotional activity with their retail partners, are expected to be fully productive in 2 to 5 years. To qualify as a comprehensive TPO solution, the solution must enable key predictive or prescriptive capabilities.

“We are happy to be included in this new Hype Cycle – states Suzana Dias, Kantar Retail Group Solutions Director – as it confirms our industry expertise and commitment to deliver innovative solutions to consumer goods companies to help them optimise and drive their entire sales processes, from planning to execution, and reach higher levels of competitive advantage.”

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