We help you to apply best in class analytical tools and consulting services to create winning strategies in-store and on-line across assortment, merchandising, promotions

Retail channels have multiplied and are fragmented, competition is fierce and the rise of data management has set new standards. Furthermore, retailers have improved their capabilities in customer insights and reduced dependence on suppliers’ expertise.

Manufacturers now have an obligation to propose a clear, differentiated and compelling offer to shoppers & retailers. They are the thought leader required to bring expertise and knowledge to the market.

Kantar Retail provides industry-leading tools, superior analytics and consulting services. Our teams are constantly working hand in hand with our client to develop winning strategies at retail.

Kantar Retail Analytics solutions help manufacturers make the most informed decisions at retail, capitalizing on all data available and ultimately driving revenue, margin and profit growth.

Our solutions cover these core areas:

/ Assortment Leadership: National Portfolio & Customer Optimization

Quantify the true incremental value to both your portfolio as well as the category at your customer of each SKU.

Our SKURat Portfolio and RichMix Customer Assortment Optimization tools are powered by our proprietary, industry-leading transferable demand methodology and enable you to unlock sustainable growth across the category. Learn more

/ Shelf Leadership: Shelving Strategy & Planogram Management

Holistic shelf leadership requires a combination of best in class shelving strategy based on what is successful in the market as well as planogram excellence via demand driven space optimization & mass planogram generation.

Our Isolated Shelving Impact shelving strategy analysis distills the true impact of individual shelving practices such as flow, adjacencies & location in actionable shelving principles & executional guidelines.

Our RichMix Space Optimization & AutoMerch Mass Planogram Generation capabilities combine the power of incrementality, value of a facing and up-to-store-level assortment optimization with an automated planogram creation capability that delivers significant time savings over current rules-based approaches

/ Net Revenue Management: Price & Promo Leadership

Comprehensive net revenue management empowers an organization to not only identify the optimal base price level that would yield maximum profit but also maximize the ROI on promotions by selecting the right vehicles, depth of discount & promo length for each product group

Our Price 360 helps you manage everyday retail price to drive revenue, share and profit while managing gaps to competitors and accounting for trade & external market factors

Our Trade Opt capabilities enable you to more effectively allocate spend across retail customers by understanding the true ROI of your promotional efforts. This is underpinned by a holistic & structured approach rooted in people, processes and technologies. Learn more