We know that making it faster and easier for shoppers to find the products they want increases their spending, and our innovative range of qualitative and quantitative solutions applies this principle across all elements of the shopper journey.

Our techniques include in-store observation, virtual reality stores, mobile shopper diaries, eCommerce audits and more, to illuminate the drivers of shopper behaviour and help you make the decisions that will unlock growth.


Shopper dimensions

Shopper Dimensions interrogates shopper missions and consumption occasions to define the category shopping landscape and ensure you place the right products on the right shelves.

Connected shopper journey

Connected Shopper Journey maps the shopper journey from need to purchase and identifies all of the touchpoints that drive purchase decisions, both within the store and outside it.

Shopper decision activator

By distinguishing between the needs of ‘Decided’ and ‘Open’ shoppers, Shopper Decision Activator informs effective in-store messaging and shelf layout to help you reduce search time, and increase sales.

Triggers and barriers activator

Triggers & Barriers Activator frames each step of the purchase journey to ensure meaningful insight and deliver a clear action plan to help manufacturers and retailers improve category conversion.

Shopper tester

Shopper Tester uses full-shelf, virtual reality environments to understand genuine shopper behaviour in-store, and reveal how planned changes to pack, shelf layout or POSM will perform.



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