Understand shopper needs, motivations, behaviors, barriers and triggers across the increasingly complex omni-channel path-to-purchase.

eCommerce is changing the retail landscape, but the challenges for brands in the retail environment are often similar in-store and online.  It is difficult to cut through the clutter and influence shoppers to buy.

No matter the retail channel, we know that making it faster and easier for shoppers to find the products they want increases their spending.  Our innovative range of qualitative and quantitative solutions applies this principle across all elements of the shopper journey.

Our techniques include panel surveys, in-store observation, click-stream analysis, neuro/bio-measurement, eye tracking, digital shop-alongs, virtual reality stores, mobile shopper diaries/surveys, eCommerce audits and more.

/ Insights to Activation

A key advantage to working with Kantar Retail for shopper insights research is our ability to integrate multiple data sources (analytics, syndicated and custom research) to uncover deep insights and then our consultants help take the insights through to activation.

The core Shopper Insights practice area helps our clients answer 3 core questions:

  • How to lead the category? Who do we target to grow the category and brand, where do we target and how?
  • How to win the digital and physical shelf? How to deliver best-in-class merchandising and shelving solutions?
  • How to convert the shopper? How do we maximize ROI on shopper marketing spend, growing the category and brand?

Most path-to-purchase research tools describe the journey, but Kantar Retail tools focus on understanding conversion gaps and then test solutions to close these gaps… ultimately driving growth.

We have a robust tool-kit that builds from strategy through to measurement:

Insights & Strategy


Shopper Dimensions

Foundational P2P solution to identify opportunities for growth through segmenting and targeting.


Connected Shopper Journey

Understand shopper touch-points from trigger to purchase.


Shopper Decisions

Understand decision making at the shelf and  on the eCommerce site

Planning & Execution


POS, Shelf & Pack Tester

Pre-testing of merchandising, shopper marketing communication, assortment, pack, pricing or shelving changes.


Store Tester: PathTracker®

Our patented solution to understanding total store traffic flow, layout and customer experience.



Retail Performance

Attract more shoppers to the store by understanding retailer equity, performance, strengths and weaknesses.


Controlled Store Testing

In-market measurement of new products, shelving, pricing, packaging or other shopper marketing changes.


Audit & Mystery Shopping

Measurement and tracking of sales associate advocacy, display, communication and POG compliance.