We help you assess channel opportunities, strengthen customer relationships and frame a Go to Market strategy by understanding how the retail landscape is evolving and how retailer models and strategies are changing.

Our ethos is to be the world’s best-connected and indispensable retail insights partner – our clients use our expertise and accurate market information to fuel decisions which accelerate profitable growth.

We hold data on over 1,200 of the world’s leading retailers – and with 98% accuracy we can forecast where those brands will be in the next five years, allowing our clients to confidently focus their efforts and investments in the areas that will provide a strong return.

Our face-to-face events, subject matter analysts, workshops and conferences provide you with a platform to build effective plans and evaluate strategies for their execution. Our specialist forums centre around a specific retailer, channel or market to allow you to identify opportunities for working partnerships and targeted retail initiatives.

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The core Retail & Channel Insights practice area covers:

/ Retail insights

Understand the retail trends of today and prepare for the realities of tomorrow with our cross-channel strategic analysis. Our experts produce articles, research reports, slide presentations, executive-level summaries and profiles, photos, and news on over 1,200 key retailers across 135 global markets. Discover more.

/ Shopper insights

Dig deeper into purchasing decisions by examining monthly data from 4,000 primary household shoppers gathered by Kantar Retail’s ShopperScape® survey. Our shopper insights offer helps you to weave the shopper journey throughout your business strategy to better understand behavior and pinpoint retailer choice. Discover more.

/ Webinars

Connect online with our experts from anywhere in the world and find out what the critical issues are affecting developments in retail. You’ll hear our view on the shifts in business strategy before giving your point of view and getting the answers to your questions. Discover more.

/ Events

Attending one of our events [BV(S4] opens the door for discussions on where the risks and rewards will be for your business in tomorrow’s retail environment. Strategic mid-year and year-end forums are supplemented by training workshops and forums across a variety of markets and retail channels, allowing you to engage with the world’s major retailers. Discover more.

/ Sharegroups

Our ShareGroups initiative brings together non-competing companies to openly share their experience, challenges and opportunities. Hearing real-life examples of issues affecting business and working through potential solutions promotes new thinking and practical advice on how to overcome common retail conundrums. Discover more.