We help you to develop your commercial capabilities and the competency of your people through organisation design, commercial process mapping, competency modelling and the assessment, design and delivery of training academies.

Through training, coaching and assessments our experts are able to fine tune or completely realign your business to meet your core objectives.

Across the globe we have made measurable differences to some of the world’s most iconic brands; even the most successful businesses can benefit.

Using our own internationally-recognised data, insight and experience with global brands, we can benchmark your company against your competitors before working with you to identify skills gaps and commercial opportunities.

A blended approach of workshops, coaching and self learning will help your team reach its potential by improving commercial planning, account management, selling and negotiation skills.

/ Benchmarking performance

Know where you stand with our globally-recognised PoweRanking. For more than 15 years our annual ranking tool has been the industry standard, providing a top-level insight which allows you to benchmark your company’s position against that of your competitors.

/ Customer planning

Data from our market insights service allows you to build strategic customer plans with tools and templates to ensure that results deliver against your overall business plan.

/ Selling skills

Our consultants are sales and marketing-focussed and deliver a variety of workshops, coaching sessions, eLearning and blended academies which have been hugely successful for clients across the world. We teach and coach teams on the key principles of selling, including influencing psychology, customer understanding and closing deals.

/ eLearning

Our eLearning courses cover sales, category management, brand marketing and finance. We’ll teach you the skills to be successful whether you want to improve your negotiation skills or strengthen the financial acumen across your organisation.

/ Negotiation

Our negotiation training programs have helped clients secure miles of shelf space and save millions of pounds in promotional spending. By learning our core concepts and how to apply them, your teams will know how to leverage power, maintain negotiation positions and defend against buyer negotiation tactics – all skills that can be deployed in everyday commercial situations.

/ Financial acumen

Using your team’s collective financial acumen effectively can deliver huge benefits to the business. We will focus on your business objectives, help to set and understand key performance indicators before working with you to identify real-life commercial opportunities.