We help you to improve your performance with retailers through better business planning and alignment of brand with retailer and shopper objectives.

We help clients make the right strategic and practical choices that will grow their business.

By developing and deploying practical solutions that help your commercial teams achieve top and bottom line results we can ensure your business is travelling in the right direction. We help you to ensure that you have the right organisation, capability and processes to deliver what the business needs.

We work with you to design and deliver pragmatic improvements for the short, medium and long term, but our focus is also on ensuring that easily achievable improvements are identified, prioritised and executed.


The core Go to Market practice area covers:

/ Revenue Management

We help clients instill a revenue, profit and volume culture through tools, processes, metrics and analytics. We help you to identify and execute against opportunities for growth whilst ensuring efficiency by addressing the core commercial levers

  • Business Growth Opportunity Mapping
  • Brand, Pack, Price Architecture aligned to consumer / shopper needs
  • Assortment and distribution optimisation
  • Customer Trade Terms and Pricing
  • Promotional strategy, planning and analytics

/ Route to market

Clients need to segment customers and create value propositions for each to maximise sales and profit. Our people can show you how to optimise selling, service and supply relationships with direct and indirect customers throughout the complete value chain.

/ Integrated Customer Business Planning

Developing your customer business plan, bringing together brand, category and sales objectives with a strong customer value proposition is increasingly complex. We help you establish the processes, tools and capabilities that enable the development of build a winning plan that your customers will support.

 / Market entry

We know the retail and wholesale trade industry, so if you’re looking to launch or distribute your product through one of these physical or digital channels you need to know what is expected of you and how best to deliver a winning market entry strategy.

/ Benchmarking

Do you know where you are making strides with your customers and where you’re not, exploring all the opportunities available to you? We can deliver an impartial assessment with detailed recommendations by talking to your customers and understanding where your two interests can be best aligned.