Our 4e’s Offer: We offer global insight, strategic advisory services, shopper research and market-leading consultancy for businesses that want to succeed in this ‘Everywhere Commerce’ revolution taking place.

Our services are targeted at the commercial functions of global brands and suppliers and our aim is to ensure that your teams can drive the business forward in the digital space with a focus on building omnichannel capabilities.

Through experience, future forecasting and the use of live data we can help you make key decisions about your eCommerce strategy – from aggressively pursuing emerging markets to embedding new philosophies into your staff as well as providing a point of view on technology enablers and trends that will impact every supplier and retailer.

Find out how to aggressively pursue eCommerce channel opportunities, learn what headcount and emphasis to place on emerging markets and let us show you how to embed eCommerce understanding to all account managers and supporting functions.

FMCG and CPG manufacturers have sought our expert insight, as have global suppliers to the consumer electronic, apparel and retail industries.


/ A toast to our success

For a global leader in beverages, we helped to forecast the growth of eCcommerce in Eurasia and Africa, boiling down 90 potential markets into just four clusters, identifying the retailers to grow with and creating training guidelines for teams in those markets.

/ Great looking performance

For a major international beauty and personal care client, we held an eCommerce Leadership Training Camp and a Winning with Amazon workshop for 25 eCommerce account leads.

/ Closer to home

We worked out the potential size of the eCommerce opportunity for a global supplier of household products, allowing the client to justify headcounts for their top six European markets.

/ Whitespace opportunities

We were asked to calculate the size of price for eCommerce across Asia for a major dairy brand, broken down into four key eCommerce formats.

/ Out in front

A global spirits company asked us to build the roadmap for a multi-channel journey to 2020 across all business functions. We identified key consumption occasions and mapped the eCommerce category growth drivers, resulting in a re-think of the digital marketing mix.

/ Educate our organization

We are frequently asked to present to our clients on a variety of topics within the eCommerce, digital and omnichannel space. Topics range from macro overviews, shopper landscape, digital trends, Amazon deep dives, organizational design, best in class omnichannel examples and much more. We can customize these conversations based on your unique needs.