What Do Your Shoppers See In-Store?

November 4th, 2016retail-virtual-reality

Shopper Marketers and Insight professionals spend millions of dollars developing in-store activation campaigns.  Understanding shopper response to these campaigns before launch is important, but it’s not without challenges.

Up to 80% of shopping behavior is subconsciously controlled.  On top of this, shoppers post-rationalize the shopping process — what they do differs from what they say they did.  This disconnect makes observational techniques essential to properly understand shoppers and their behavior.

Recent technology combines eye-tracking capabilities in a modified VR headset with 360° Virtual Environments.  This innovative combination gives much needed mobility to shopper research.  It also eliminates the need for physical deployment of campaign concepts, mock-ups and models.

In a recent comparison between physical testing versus virtual reality testing, virtual reality effectively reduced costs by up to 50%.


Launch this video to learn more about a recent experiment using immersive eye tracking.

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