Three Ways Virtual Store Testing Can Help You Win in 2018

In 2018, tested ideas for change and speed to market will be key in keeping up with rapidly evolving shopper preferences. Below we’ve shared just a few ways virtual store testing can help you keep up in 2018.

  1. Quickly Narrow Down Your Options Before You Make a Significant Invest.  Put an end to what if, should we, could we.  Test a range of your most creative concepts “side-by-side” so you can identify exactly what your shoppers like best.  Retailers and their partners may still choose to run a physical test.  But with virtual stores you can invest selectively with confidence knowing that your chosen in-store investment can prove an increase in sales at category, brand and pack level.
  2. Conduct Retailer Specific Testing Online. Want to localize a test from 1,000 miles away?  Test your concepts online.  With over 130+ virtual stores, and targeted shopper panels, Virtual testing gets you the results you need, from anybody, anywhere, In a lot less time than traditional testing models.
  3. Successfully Break the Mold with Less Than Half Your Budget.  To be successful in 2018, bold, innovative change to in-store layout is key.  Forbes Magazine predicts, Physical Retail isn’t dead. Boring retail is.”  Test what has never been done before with fewer financial commitments.  You’ll leave room in your budget to invest in more innovations down the line.

Want to know more?  Join our webinar, on January 25, to learn how virtual store testing is helping retailers, brand and agency partners create in-store growth opportunities. Contact Us today so we can save you a seat.