The Future of Retail Virtual Reality is here

With the launch of VR Infinity 2.0, now you can bring your innovation ideas to market faster and more successfully than ever before.

VRI 2.0 takes VR to the next level enabling you to easily compare retail ideas, present your data at the shelf and show the shopper journey from home to store.

Win at the category review

Present your category proposals in your customer’s store.

Shopper data at a glance – Display and edit data from any source with the new data-visualisation capability.


Win with shoppers

Easily showcase your shopper activation in the virtual store of your choice.

Collaborative decisions – Compare and contrast retail ideas instantaneously with the new easy to create ‘switch’ tool.


Win outside the store

Show your customer how you drive traffic to their store with our new virtual home environment.

Anywhere VR – present the shopper journey from home to shelf.