The failure of the traditional store trial

November 4th, 2016


How to execute a scale launch in 4 retailers in a 1/3 less time than it would take to fail in one retailer.

– You have a great idea.
– You have identified a multi-million $ opportunity.
– You have compelling designs from your shopper agency.

How do you quickly get to national rollout?

The traditional approach turns success into failure!

  • Retailer agrees to 8 week trial
  • Trial takes 4 months to set up with store operations
  • Execution standards not met at first.  Trial cut to 4 weeks
  • Only one execution option researched in-store
  • Impossible to isolate sales of new merchandising solution
  • Result: Retailer unimpressed, project stalls, No case study, Total time elapsed – 30 weeks with a significant investment wasted.

Finding growth is harder than ever.  Failure to innovate results in lost shoppers, disgruntled retailers and lost sales.  Leading FMCGs have learned that success means no longer following the traditional approach.

Enter Virtual Reality – A global client recently shared how using virtual reality to prototype their in-store concept helped them achieve more sales in less time.

By conducting shopper research & retail collaboration in virtual stores, they were able to:

  • Gain national rollout in 4 retailers in a 1/3 less time than it takes to fail in one retailer.
  • Do so with much lower investment than needed using a traditional build, install, test approach.

Virtual Reality = More sales, more quickly.

  • Pick the winning approach quickly and economically.
  • Get to market fast. Very fast.
  • Innovate at light speed.
  • Become a star

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