Reach More In-Store Campaign Possibilities

An exciting and easy to navigate in-store experience is a must for any successful brand and retailer partnership.  In today’s retail climate shoppers need to feel engaged to make the most of their shopping trips, and more importantly–need a reason to come back.

Reach more in-store campaign possibilities with technology that allows you to visualize your ideas at the ‘switch’ of a button. The latest release of DIY Virtual Reality technology VRI 2.0 supports in-store campaign ideas like never before. Current customers agree, “Improvement of switches is worth 2.0 alone!”

With switches you can compare and contrast new in-store campaign recommendations against current or old layouts.  You can cycle through optimized category plans, within the context of true or potential aisle adjacencies.  You can visualize any concept that may not currently exist, while using your own data sources to support your ideas.

See how you can reach more In-store campaign possibilities below.

Quickly Evaluate New In-Store Campaign Concepts with Switches

Help Your Customer Visualize Various Category Options and Adjacencies

Integrate Any Data Source to Validate In-Store Recommendations

Want to make the move from “Picture and Imagine” to “See and Experience”? Get in touch to see and experience the future of retail.