One Easy Way to Gain Audience Engagement and Improve Collaboration

December 15th, 2016

According to Ad Age, when Diageo’s Chief Marketing and Innovation officer, James Thompson, was appointed to his current position he spent his first two months counting the number of presentation slides he was exposed to in meetings. After 12,000 slides he instituted a ban on PowerPoint. He reasoned, “It stops conversation. It makes people feel secure they’ve communicated what they wanted to. But, in fact, it doesn’t move anything on.” 

Every day the world’s leading Consumer Goods and Retail companies use Virtual Stores to build, present and share retail ideas.  VR enables vastly more productive conversations where people can think, build and collaborate rather than just sell.

In the recent Kantar Retail Lidl webinar, our analysts delivered the presentation in VR.  Retailers and brand marketers were raving because the experience was innovative and entirely engaging:

  • “Today’s session was very intriguing!” – Top 10 Global Retailer
  • “This will be important when talking to my customer” – Top 3 Global Brand
  • “10 out of 10!!!” –Top 3 Global Retailer

Bring the retail store and shopper context to your next meeting. Use Virtual Reality for your retailer or supplier top to top, shopper marketing sign-off meeting, or to present your new shopper concept innovation.

Move your retail idea from “Picture and Imagine” to “See and Experience”.

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