Kantar Retail 2017 Predictions – time to take action

Kantar Retail’s 2017+ Predictions: Questions in Action presents the 5 key questions shaping the retail industry today and reveals the frameworks to help your business prosper in this incredibly challenging retail market.

The challenge is clear, when global FMCG growth is just 1.2% vs global economic growth of 3.1% how will you unlock the strategies and shopper expertise to enable growth.

As Bryan Gildenberg (Kantar Retail’s Chief Knowledge Officer) explains “Identifying specific category growth drivers is the only way to outgrow FMCG’s shrinking share of the global growth pie.  Smart insights and analytics will be essential to reframing category-level growth stories.”

The world’s most innovative Consumer Goods companies use Virtual Reality (VR) to lead understanding of shopper behaviour, identify the best category solutions and get them implemented in collaborative partnership with retailers.

Recent VR success stories for our FMCG clients include:

  • Retail advisory worth +$10m
  • Point of Sale material prototyping cost savings, ROI delivered in just 3 months
  • Category growth of 20%

Join the world’s leading Consumer Goods companies in using Virtual Reality to build, validate, test, collaborate and execute successful retail solutions in 2017.