Kantar Consulting Combines ‘Big Data’ and Virtual Reality to Create the ‘Perfect’ Shopping Experience

We are proud to announce the introduction of Perfect Category, a technology solution that enables brand owners and retailers to design physical retail environments down to the shelf-level ranging in virtual reality and simultaneously forecast the revenue impact of those decisions.

Perfect Category integrates multiple big data sets in an immersive environment, allowing users to test scenarios and designs in real-time. It integrates for the first time two offerings from Kantar Consulting’s Retail, Sales and Shopper Practice.

Click Here for a Real-Time Video of Perfect Category

  1. Retail Virtual Reality – A collaborative design environment used by major brands and retailers such as L’Oreal, Unilever and Target to efficiently design and roll out retail designs and updates across their store networks.
  2. RichMix – An assortment optimization tool used by 9 out of the Top 10 FMCG manufacturers that integrates purchase spend data with measured and observed shopper behaviour to create highly accurate algorithms that utilise machine learning to forecast the economic outcomes of changing the number of products and brands a shopper sees on the shelf.

Combined, these technologies mean brand owners and retailers can efficiently co-design retail environments that optimise the shopper experience while maximising category value and profitability and individual brands’market share. Evaluated and approved designs can then be automatically distributed across store networks and field sales with detailed planogram designs and immersive visuals to ensure a consistent brand experience nationally or internationally

The typical challenges that ‘Perfect Category’ addresses for our clients are:

  1. How do I switch on incremental growth for my category?
  2. How can I collaborate more effectively at the range review?
  3. How can I deliver retailer-specific and even store-specific assortment recommendations?
  4. How do I translate my existing investment in big data to big insights, in order to win at the shelf?
  5. How can I drive category process efficiency to enable to me to achieve more?
  6. Feel free to contact me to see more about ‘Perfect Category’ for your specific category