How GSK uses VR to deliver retail innovation, faster and more economically

Last month Gregory Hough of GSK’s Shopper Science Lab presented to the VR World Conference about how GSK is using virtual reality to achieve objectives quicker and cheaper than in real environments. Greg shared how virtual store environments support the innovation cycle at GSK in the following ways:


Virtual Reality is used to facilitate collaborative fixture design; and develop an entire store floor plan using bird’s eye perspective.

Shopper Validation

Testing New Pack Designs and Point of Sale material with consumers in Virtual Reality; levering mobile eye tracking for added biometric analysis.

Idea Presentation

Interactive virtual environments allow for effective communication of ideas; video walkthroughs bring ideas to life for customers and internal meetings.

A copy of Greg’s presentation can be found on the VR World presentation website, under the heading 14:45 to 15:05: AR and VR in Retail: The Value Proposition.

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