Are you prepared for the arrival of Lidl?

November 25th, 2016


In 2017, Lidl, – the German-owned, award winning retailer – will begin opening its first U.S. stores.  Stores are expected to be open in the Mid-Atlantic as early as Q2 2017.  Lidl, pronounced: Lee-dle, will disrupt retail.  Kantar Retail Virtual Reality can help you plan for this opportunity.

By combining Kantar Retail’s global retail insights with Virtual Reality, we have developed:

  • An exclusive preview and analysis of Lidl’s US stores
  • An opportunity to “walk” the store in a 3D environment

Virtual Reality allows for new concepts and ideas to exist without setting foot in an actual environment.  Specifically with the Lidl store, Virtual Reality will allow for a cost effective evolution of the model as more information about the U.S. Lidl strategy becomes available.

Retailers and manufacturers alike have been leveraging Virtual Reality to realize the very same benefits in their businesses.  From floor planning to campaign planning Virtual Reality allows the flexibility to quickly change and evolve shopper concepts.

Watch the Lidl U.S. store concept come to life below.

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