A Look at Lidl 60 Days Later

Lidl opened its first stores in the U.S. just two months ago. Last year, in preparation for their arrival we offered our predictions for the launch of the small format, high-impact grocer.

60 days after Lidl’s U.S. debut, we’ve had a chance to reflect on our initial predictions.  See how we did below as we compare our 2016 virtual predictions with 2017 reality.


Front and center, the bakery debuts at the entrance of the store. Intended to immediately entice and delight the shopper with fresh options.

Check Out/Registers

Self-Check out registers as well as full check out options.  TBD on projected expansion of number of check outs to be added in “phase 2.”


Angled produce aisles located right-off the bakery.  Intended to lead the shopper into the heart of the store.  Also to entice and delight with immediate fresh options available upon entry.


Clear facade allows for plenty of natural light into the front of the store.  Virtual Prediction spot on!  With the exceptions of the balloons.


Wine as a destination category is a familiar format for the U.S. grocery shopper.  Located on the perimeter of the store.

What did our predictions miss?  Lidl launched stores with a well developed in-store signage and POS strategy.  Signage and POS help the Lidl shopper know exactly where to get what they need, and more.

See how we brought insights and visualization to life.  Watch the original video of our virtual Lidl store here.

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