A holiday for over 1 million; do you have a marketing plan?

November 4th, 2016


Are you marketing to 1 million shoppers others ignore?

Retailers continue to blur seasons this fall.  Back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, football, and Christmas are often merchandised side by side. This noisy marketing landscape makes it difficult to attract shopper attention.

One opportunity to stand out is to introduce market in support of events that speak to large but underserved audiences. A holiday such as Diwali gives you the ability to reach over a million shoppers who celebrate and spend in support of this holiday, but are included in very few marketing calendars.

To reduce the time and cost to create a holiday campaign, a global display manufacturer used Virtual Reality to shopper test and bring their concepts to life. They created various virtual iterations of their campaign.  This allowed for low evaluation in a short amount of time.

Virtual Reality lowers the cost and shortens the time it takes to bring niche holidays or other non-traditional retail events to market.  You gain the flexibility you need to test and introduce successful retail events that have never been tried before.  The lower cost, ease of shopper testing and shorter time to launch reduces the costs and risks associated with physical prototyping.

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