5 Ways Virtual Reality Helps You Win at Retail

23rd January, 2017

1) Save Time and Cut Costs

Invent a new store concept and prove its effectiveness among current shoppers and non-shoppers in weeks not months.

Test multiple in-store options instead of just one, and in less time for less cost.  Virtual testing is faster, less expensive, less disruptive in-store, and your innovative virtual concepts stay out of view of competitors.

2) The WOW! Factor

Use one of over 100, exact-to-scale, virtual store environments to bring your in-store concepts to life.

3) Expand Shopper Understanding

Imagine, design and test concepts quickly and easily in virtual environments.   Put non-shoppers into virtual stores they haven’t been to understand what will make them shoppers.   See what your shoppers see in-store with immersive eye-tracking.

4) From Presentation to Retail Collaboration

Share a virtual version of your in-store concepts to get feedback from anyone, anywhere.  A simple link and anyone (i.e. colleague, supplier, retailer, shopper) can see, experience and comment on your in-store innovation.

5) Get to “Yes” Faster

Get approval faster by showcasing your improved shopper experience and data in a virtual store environment.  Use that same environment to make and review changes instantly and secure approval on the spot.


Move your retail idea from “Picture and Imagine” to “See and Experience”.

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