Accelerating the Evolution of the In-Store Shopping Experience with 360 Degree Images

360 degree images are providing people the ability to immerse themselves into any environment. No equipment or special software necessary.  You are able to see the scenario as if you were standing there in person. 360 degrees of controllable views.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, is a 360 degree image worth a million?

We’ve shared some of the ways 360 degree images can be leveraged between retailers and their brand and agency partners to accelerate the evolution of the in-store shopping experience.

Start a Dialogue About the Shopper Experience

You experience a higher level of engagement with dynamic media.  Think how images of Instagram led us to snaps at Snapchat.  Quickly after the Snap’s success the rest of the social media world introduced their own dynamic story-telling capabilities.  Dynamic media conveys more because it has the ability to make a scenario experiential.  With a 360 degree image you can move beyond the frame, and get your stakeholders to do the same.

Reduce the Amount of Content You Send

You can’t reduce the number of reviewers a new retail concept or campaign requires.  But you can reduce the amount of content you send back and forth.  Send an interactive 360 degree image so your viewers can see the whole campaign at once. They control how they view your creation so you don’t have to send multiple images or screen captures to convey your overall vision.

Achieve Concept Clarity with Several People

Getting a 360 degree image to multiple people is easy when you use technology that is built for sharing.  Kantar Retail’s VR Infinity allows you to quickly create and share 360 degree images and other common campaign assets like data visualization and 3D product models.  All your viewers need is a link and password.

Want to experience 360 degree images and other interactive retail campaign assets? Click on the images below to get started.  [Password:password]

New Product Launch

Floating 3D Model of a New Product







In-Store Activation Campaign

Exterior POS Example for In-Store Activation Campaign











Move from “picture and imagine” to “see and experience.”  Send us a message to get started!