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Brands and Retailers WIN at retail by implementing cost-effective and customizable applications of Virtual Reality within their go-to market strategy.

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VR News

    Kantar Consulting Combines ‘Big Data’ and Virtual Reality to Create the ‘Perfect’ Shopping Experience
    9th February 2018
    We are proud to announce the introduction of Perfect Category, a technology solution that enables brand owners and retailers to design physical retail environments down to the shelf-level ranging in virtual reality and simultaneously forecast the revenue impact of...
    Three Ways Virtual Store Testing Can Help You Win in 2018
    10th January 2018
    In 2018, tested ideas for change and speed to market will be key in keeping up with rapidly evolving shopper preferences. Below we've shared just a few ways virtual store testing can help you keep up in 2018. Quickly...
    Can You Tell the Difference? Virtual Environments vs. Reality
    30th November 2017
    The life-like quality of virtual reality technology is unprecedented.  Today, retailers, brands and agency partners can leverage VR's accuracy to create life-like retail innovations at a fraction of the cost of the "real thing." See if you can tell the...
    Accelerating the Evolution of the In-Store Shopping Experience with 360 Degree Images
    16th November 2017
    360 degree images are providing people the ability to immerse themselves into any environment. No equipment or special software necessary.  You are able to see the scenario as if you were standing there in person. 360 degrees of controllable...
    A Look at Lidl 60 Days Later
    16th August 2017
    Lidl opened its first stores in the U.S. just two months ago. Last year, in preparation for their arrival we offered our predictions for the launch of the small format, high-impact grocer. 60 days after Lidl's U.S. debut, we've had...
    Reach More In-Store Campaign Possibilities
    7th August 2017
    Have you ever wanted to show key customers a before/after situation, or provide them a choice between several options before they become final? With the new release of VR Infinity 2.0, this has never been easier.
    The Future of Retail Virtual Reality is here
    1st August 2017
    Now you can bring your innovation ideas to market faster and more successfully than ever before. VR Infinity 2.0 is how...
    How GSK uses VR to deliver retail innovation, faster and more economically
    5th June 2017
    Last month Gregory Hough of GSK’s Shopper Science Lab presented to the VR World Conference about how GSK is using virtual reality to achieve objectives quicker and cheaper than in real environments. Greg shared how virtual store environments support...
    How L’Oréal, Lowe’s and Samsung are using VR to re-define the shopper experience
    23rd March 2017
    How Three Companies are Leveraging Virtual Reality to Improve Customer Experience Marketing budgets are shifting from traditional marketing methods to investment in more meaningful customer engagement.  According to a recent Gartner report, “Today 89% of companies expect to compete mostly...
    Kantar Retail 2017 Predictions – time to take action
    9th March 2017
    Kantar Retail’s 2017+ Predictions: Questions in Action presents the 5 key questions shaping the retail industry today and reveals the frameworks to help your business prosper in this incredibly challenging retail market. The challenge is clear, when global FMCG growth...
    5 Ways Virtual Reality Helps You Win at Retail
    23rd January 2017
    23rd January, 2017 1) Save Time and Cut Costs Invent a new store concept and prove its effectiveness among current shoppers and non-shoppers in weeks not months. Test multiple in-store options instead of just one, and in less time for less...
    One Easy Way to Gain Audience Engagement and Improve Collaboration
    15th December 2016
    December 15th, 2016 According to Ad Age, when Diageo's Chief Marketing and Innovation officer, James Thompson, was appointed to his current position he spent his first two months counting the number of presentation slides he was exposed to in meetings....
    Are you prepared for the arrival of Lidl?
    28th November 2016
    November 25th, 2016 In 2017, Lidl, - the German-owned, award winning retailer - will begin opening its first U.S. stores.  Stores are expected to be open in the Mid-Atlantic as early as Q2 2017.  Lidl, pronounced: Lee-dle, will disrupt retail. ...
    The failure of the traditional store trial
    4th November 2016
    November 4th, 2016 How to execute a scale launch in 4 retailers in a 1/3 less time than it would take to fail in one retailer. - You have a great idea. - You have identified a multi-million $ opportunity. - You have...
    What Do Your Shoppers See In-Store?
    4th November 2016
    November 4th, 2016 Shopper Marketers and Insight professionals spend millions of dollars developing in-store activation campaigns.  Understanding shopper response to these campaigns before launch is important, but it’s not without challenges. Up to 80% of shopping behavior is subconsciously controlled.  On...
    A holiday for over 1 million; do you have a marketing plan?
    4th November 2016
    November 4th, 2016 Are you marketing to 1 million shoppers others ignore? Retailers continue to blur seasons this fall.  Back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, football, and Christmas are often merchandised side by side. This noisy marketing landscape makes it difficult to...
    How much should brands invest in virtual reality?
    4th November 2016
    November 4th, 2016 Advertising Age Brand Summit convenes in Los Angeles this month.  Attendees have plenty of pressing issues on their minds, especially when it comes to how to execute more effective marketing without breaking the bank.  The top issue...