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Bryan Gildenberg | Chief Knowledge Officer
  Bryan Gildenberg, a world-renowned expert in retail insight, is Kantar Retail’s Chief Knowledge Officer and a member of the company’s leadership team. He is responsible for the company’s analysis and insight, driving the direction of content with in-depth knowledge and intuitive skills few can match. Bryan provides a clear, ever-changing, and always topical focus on a variety of channels and retailers around the world. An award-winning and prolific writer, Bryan has authored numerous professional articles for various Kantar Retail publications and third-party periodicals such as The Hub and GMA Forum. He is frequently cited in The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and The Boston Globe in the USA and globally in the China Economic Times, BBC Radio, and ETRetailBiz India. An engaging speaker, he has addressed numerous Kantar Retail forums and conferences sponsored by WPP’s The Store, GMA, FMI, CIES, NACDS and NARMS.

Leon Nicholas | Senior Vice President
  Leon Nicholas, Senior Vice President, Retail Insights, focuses on mass merchandisers. With nearly twenty years of experience in the consumer goods and retail industry, Leon brings a diverse background in syndicated data, store management, sales force development, consulting, and client relations. He is frequently cited in both the national and trade press. A sought-after speaker, he has addressed the National Retail Federation, FMI, Outdoor Industry Conference, and the World Economic Conference.

John Rand | Senior Vice President
  John Rand, Senior Vice President, Retail Insights, focuses on supermarket, club, and value discounter channels. He advises retailers and suppliers, leveraging his background in store operations and design, branded product sales, merchandising, and category management. John has been featured on FMI, GMA, NACDS, and CHPA programs; he has served on IRI’s Product Advisory Board and the GMA/ASMC Technology Steering Committee.

David Marcotte | Senior Vice President
  David Marcotte, Senior Vice President, Retail Insights, leads the cross-channel team and focuses on core retail processes, international retail, and multi-channel. He is a consultant and public speaker on these and other topics such as merchandising, M&A, IT design, loss prevention, pricing, category management, supply chain, and business intelligence. He spent 20 years in retail, half in the stores and half in executive management. He has also been a member of the Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS) and the IBM Academy of Sciences.

Mary Brett Whitfield | Senior Vice President
  Mary Brett Whitfield, Senior Vice President, leads shopper insights research and content development for Kantar Retail. Mary Brett has extensive experience helping retailers and suppliers leverage shopper insights and other primary research data for performance improvement. She has worked at retail companies in market research, strategic planning, and sales development roles and has a strong background in industry and company analysis, competitive positioning work, apparel retailing, and online retailing.

Frank Badillo | Vice President, Senior Economist
  Frank Badillo, Senior Economist and Vice President, leads our analysis and forecasting of macroeconomic, retail, and consumer trends in the US and globally. He is a key contributor to Kantar Retail's research programs and events. Besides regularly writing and speaking about the outlook for the industry, Frank also directs Kantar Retail’s channel, category, and country forecasts from a macroeconomic perspective. His industry-related work began with the Management Horizons Division of Price Waterhouse and spans similar roles with PricewaterhouseCoopers and Retail Forward before Kantar Retail.

Anne Zybowski | Vice President
  Anne Zybowski, Vice President, Retail Insights, leads all of Kantar Retail’s digital retailing research and insights. In addition to her focus on e-commerce and how digital is impacting the path-to-purchase and the bricks-and-mortar store, she is also involved in our apparel line of trade. Anne recently worked as the lead analyst on Target, Walmart, and Sears/Kmart. She is a presenter and trainer for Kantar Retail seminars, and has recently been featured in National Retail Federation and PLMA programs among other industry events. Before joining Kantar Retail, Anne was a Vice President at Stern Stewart & Co. working as the lead project manager and consultant for a variety of retailers including JCPenney, Whole Foods Market, and Ahold. Other industry experience includes pharmaceutical, automotive, CPG, and Information Technology.

Robin Sherk | Director, Retail Insights
  Robin Sherk, Director of Retail Insights, is the lead analyst for Kantar Retail’s syndicated research on Walmart and the Canadian market. She often contributes to the company’s publication, Breakthrough Insights, and is instrumental in developing the research and framing the analysis for Kantar Retail’s exclusive interpretations and supplier implications. She is a trainer for syndicated seminars, providing guidance to numerous Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods companies. Her background is in market research, branding, and marketing consulting.

Sara Al-Tukhaim | Principal Analyst
  Sara Al-Tukhaim, Principal Analyst, leads Kantar Retail’s research on the club channel. Specializing in quantitative and qualitative research, Sara analyzes, interprets, and delivers retail insights relevant to Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Wholesale. She leverages her industry and club knowledge to forecast sales and building growth for each retailer, and to inform strategy for both vendors and retailers. Sara graduated from Boston University with an M.S. in Applied Communication Research. Spanning industries, her background is in journalism, market and consumer behavior research, and consulting.

Laura Kennedy | Senior Analyst
  Laura Kennedy, Senior Analyst, leads research and analysis on home improvement and home goods and also tracks the consumer electronics and office retailers for Kantar Retail. Laura develops forecasts, insights, and content for as well for direct communication with and presentations for clients. She joined KR after reporting on retail and marketing for the Kiplinger Letter, a business forecasting publication in Washington, DC. Laura graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, with a B.A. in Economics.

Mike Paglia | Principal Analyst
  Mike Paglia, Principal Analyst, is the lead analyst for Kantar Retail’s research on both the US grocery channel and the US value discounter channel. A regular blogger, writer, and presenter, Mike shares insights on various aspects of the supermarket industry, as well as how it intersects with the world of social media, digital marketing, and mobile technology. Mike joined Kantar Retail in June 2008, bringing with him a background in both traditional retail and e-commerce, as well as a BA in Psychology from Providence College.

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