Executive Summary – Digital Power Study Executive Summary – 2013

This year, Kantar Retail unveils its first-ever Digital industry benchmarking study. The study was born of strong client interest in understanding who is leading in digital and multi-channel thinking and practice and what industry peers are doing that is valued by their trading partners. The goal is to provide benchmarks at a much deeper level than the overall digital performance measured in Kantar Retail.s annual PoweRanking® survey that has provided insight into industry best practices for almost 20 years.

This Digital benchmarking study highlights those retailers and manufacturers who lead by performance, as acknowledged by their trading partners. This report provides best in class benchmarks and inspiration for retailers and manufacturers across trading channels.

The specific goals of the research were to:

  • Identify the distinguishing characteristics of
    the leaders in digital and multi-channel retailing
  • Gain insight into what makes trading partners
    .the best. in this space

Available to Download:

Digital Power Study Executive Summary