Executive Summary – China Digital Power Study 2014 (English)

China is experiencing significant growth in eCommerce. By 2020, China.s eCommerce market will be worth more than eCommerce in the United States, the UK, Germany, and France combined. And while everyone is talking about eCommerce, many retailers and manufacturers are still not achieving their full digital potential and could make marked improvements to their multi-channel presence and offering.

Kantar Retail is launching its first-ever eCommerce industry benchmarking study for China: the China Digital Power Study. In the Digital Power Study, Kantar Retail benchmarked the digital performances of retailers and manufacturers and set a .best-in-class. status for China.s eCommerce landscape.

This study was born of strong client interest in understanding who is leading in digital and eCommerce, and what industry peers are doing that trading partners find of particular value.

The specific goals of this study are to:

  • Describe a comprehensive picture of FMCG manufacturers. eCommerce progress
  • Help manufacturers and retailers to understand their operational strengths and weakness as ranked by their partners
  • Highlight areas to focus upon for strategic planning and future development
  • Identify the leaders and distinguish the characteristics of the leaders in digital and online retailing
  • Gain insight into what makes trading partners .the best. in various business areas
  • Provide best practice benchmark for manufacturers and retailers in key areas of business operation

Available to Download:

2014 China Digital Power Study (ENGLISH Summarized)