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Supermarket News: Is Kroger a victim of its own success?

“I hate to say it but they’re kind of a victim of their own success,” added Diana Sheehan, director of insights at Kantar Retail. “A year ago they were significantly outperforming the competitors that are now outperforming them. That’s in part because as you have a killer quarter it’s hard to rebound and surpass that. But you saw Walmart address the issues its shoppers had with customer service. You’ve seen Aldi doing a pretty good job in fresh. It’s really an interesting dynamic. I don’t think Kroger needs to reinvent itself, but they need to look around and find out where is the next place they need to innovate.”

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Ad Age: Kohl’s and Under Armour: Behind the Biggest Brand Launch in Kohl’s History

Even so, Under Armour is expected to help Kohl’s attract a younger consumer who might otherwise have shopped elsewhere for the activewear brand, noted Tiffany Hogan, a senior analyst at Kantar Retail. The partnership is expected to make Kohl’s more of a destination for wellness, she said.
Under Armour “could help aid them in making their sales stronger by having a new brand that’s very popular,” she added.

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Essential Retail: Will the chief digital officer still exist by 2020?

Kantar Retail’s VP of eCommerce and Digital Insights, Malcolm Pinkerton, explains that eCommerce never used to have a place on the board and was very separate to marketing or IT, but with a CDO at board level, online suddenly had a seat at the table.

Pinkerton says retailers will begin to see progress after appointing a CDO when eCommerce is no longer an isolated department, but has links with marketing, supply chain and IT. “It’s not about an eCommerce director or digital officer, a CDO is about the customer experience – it’s a more customer-centric approach.”

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Essential Retail: How location technology can break down channels in retail

“It seems the need for contextualised, personalised experiences that enhance the everyday is only set to intensify. With mobile now the glue binding all channels and touch-points, it not only blends the best of the physical and digital, but when combined with technology and sophisticated data analytics, equips brands with tactical tools to effectively deliver personalised, contextualised experiences. This is sure to resonate, and rapidly become an important weapon in winning the shopper as we move towards channel-less retail.”

Kantar Retail’s VP of eCommerce and Digital Insights, Malcolm Pinkerton, takes a look at how location-based technologies can help create a frictionless shopper journey.

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