2017+ Predictions: Questions in Action

Today we launch the Executive Summary for our predictions Global Year-Ahead Series, entitled “2017+ Predictions: Questions in Action”. In this report, our Chief Knowledge Officer Bryan Gildenberg explores five key questions facing retailers and suppliers in the coming years, providing a strategic guide to the change, challenges and opportunities the retail environment will face from 2017-2020. Key questions include;

  • Where Will People Buy?
  • What Will People Buy?
  • When Will Shoppers Decide?
  • How Will Shoppers Be Influenced?
  • How Much Will Shoppers Pay, and How Much (If Anything) Will Anyone Profit From It?

Current clients of KantarRetailiQ.com can use the following links to directly access the full Global, US and Europe 2017+ predictions reports.

Download the full Executive Summary below:


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